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Everything You Want To Know

I can shoot videos and photos on my phone... why should I hire you?

Images captured on phones are great for some things, just like making ramen noodles at home is fine for some meals.  But if you want something really amazing that you'll remember forever and is created by highly trained professionals with years of experience, you go to a restaurant with a great chef.  We are your audiovisual chefs.

How far in advance should I book your services?

As soon as possible!  Even if you only have a rough idea of when you need the service, let us know and we can pencil it in.  The more time we have to discuss your vision and plan the project, resources, and work hours needed, the better.

Can I review the video before it’s finalized?

Absolutely!  We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the process and they have final creative control of their product.  We are here to provide our expertise to give you something that we both can be proud of and show off to everyone.

Can I help pick the music for the video?

Depending on the product, there are different music options.  We can use any music you want, regardless of copyright, just keep in mind that these will not be able to be shared publicly or on the internet due to the rights required.

What does all this cost?

Artistic and multimedia services such as we provide are no different than any other business and we have equipment costs, overhead, labor, and of course have to make some sort of profit, so our rates reflect that fact.  That being said, we can work with any budget and give you a professional product no matter the cost.

Can you make a video for my kid's birthday?


Can you make a video for my dog's birthday?

Please let us.

Why am I still reading this FAQ?

Because you can mention this for 5% off your first service with us : )  We appreciate your dedication- just send us an email to with the subject 'FAQ discount'.

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